Stephan Mdl. MCHD-11/C Emulsifier


Item #: 6323

Stephan Mdl. MCHD-11/C Emulsifier SC #10529JE
Microcut Emulsifier, capacity: 8,500 lbs/hr (4000kg/hr), multi-functional fine cutting and dispersing system, horizontal construction with double stage rotor-stator assembly, benefits of the Microcut: efficient fine grinding, ideal cutting, homogenous mixing, optimal powder dispersing, stable emulsions, constant product quality, and ease of operation, cutting disc diameter: 7", motor, 100 h.p. (80 kW), 3560 rpm, 440 Volts, 137 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase, inlets: (1) 3" dia. S-line fitting, Outlets: (1) 3" dia. I-line fitting
F.O.B. Lake City, PA/Freight Collect 

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Stephan Mdl. MH-10 Emulsifier


Item #: 6324

Stephan Mdl. MH-10 Emulsifier SC #10530JE
Microcut Emulsifier, the unique Microcut principle allows fine cutting and emulsifying processes in one machine. Microcut Inline machines with one cutting set or double cutting set are for small, medium or big capacity applications and require very little space in the factory. The low inlet height of the tube allows installing the machine directly to each pump, buffer tank or other food machine with tube exit. They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of fine pate, puree, ketchup, marinades, liquid dough, chocolate, baby food and similar fine and smooth products in the meat, convenience and confectionary industry. It’s only one step to get a smooth and fine product. Let flow the product from your equipment directly into the product inlet and press the start button. The product runs itself through the cutting system, becomes fine cut, emulsified and discharged automatically in a continuous process. Nothing to control, nothing to adjust, really easy!
Advantages: Efficient fine grinding; Optimal powder dispersing; Easy to operate; Perfect cutting; Stable emulsions; Homogeneous mixing; Constant product quality. Capable of approximately 3000 liter per hour depending on product with speed of approximately 3000 rpm. The unit is 220 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 38 Amps, 11 KW
F.O.B. Lake City, PA/Freight Collect

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Rieser Comvair Mdl. 76 Emulsifier


Item #: 6325

Rieser Comvair Mdl. 76 Emulsifier SC #10531J
The all stainless steel emulsifier has interacting cutting rings that produce stable, high quality emulsions consistently. There are no knives to be replaced. A simple ring change alters the texture of the emulsion from course to superfine. The unique built-in trap removes unwanted objects before they reach the cutting chamber without interrupting production. Production rate of 350-1,000 Lbs per minute can be achieved depending on type and texture of the product, 125 h.p., 575 Volt motor, 3 phase
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect 

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Griffiin Emulsifier


Item #: 6600

Griffith Mdl. Mince Master Emulsifier SC #10799K
Emulsifier, 100 h.p., 230/460 volts, 3 phase motor, hopper dimensions
30" W X 33" L X 25" D, dual plate, no plates
F.O.B. Sandwich, IL/Freight Collect

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